Our Vision

The vision of USHA Village is to improve the quality of life, of our clients, through three pillars: professionalism, trajectory and legacy. To be recognized as the leading company in product quality, timely service and courtesy to our customers, as our daily activity guide, continuous improvement, permanent innovation and functional management are an integral part of our daily performance, in customer service, variety of products, affordable prices and community outreach.

The Healing Family of The USHA Herbal Research Institute

USHA means “healing”. The USHA Herbal Research Institute is first and foremost a herbal health center addressing itself to the science of health and nutrition.

The study of genetics provides valuable information as to why DIS-EASE is present in the body. The healing family considers the understanding of genetics as one of the most important factors in aiding in the reversibility of any biological erosion or nutritional deficiency in the body.

When studying genetics, we find that two other fields of science should be considered, botany and biochemistry. The study of botany the plants to be used in making the compounds that will nourish the body back to health. The study of biochemistry is the study of the biology of life. This science aids us in the understating of the chemical makeup of each plant and how the plants correspond to the makeup of our bodies.

Everything on the planet is genetically coded to behave according to the dictates for which the code or cell was created. The understanding of the chemical composing is very necessary if we want to heal our bodies with the foods that have a chemical affinity to us. For example, the genetic structure of a gorilla does not permit him to live in Alaska, nor the polar bear in the Forest or the Tropics; neither animal will be able to adjust to the difference in their diet and will eventually die.

Some would now say that both animals will eventually eat if they were hungry enough. However, the Oriental Pandas that were presented as a gift in the United States, years ago, died because of their internal, external diet and environment were violated.

In bio-chemistry, we find that the chemical composition of any substance item should complement and be consistent with the particular animal or human. The gastro-intestinal structure is designed to easily digest and assimilate those foods that are consistent to the body. If we are to heal and sustain our bodies, we should be eaten foods that have a chemical affinity to us.